GMC Introduces the 2016 Sierra 1500 All Terrain X

January 28th, 2016 by

While the pickup truck segment continues to expand and continues to be among the most popular in the auto industry, automakers are seeking to produce the very best vehicles possible. And as drivers get more and more adventurous they seek out versatile vehicles that can handle the varied demands and the chosen adventures of drivers. To satisfy these bold adventurers, GMC has announced the GMC Sierra 1500 All Terrain X, an off-road ready pickup that will seek to dominate the competition here in the Chesapeake, VA area and beyond.

Built up from the iconic Sierra 1500 platform, the All Terrain X model takes adventurous capability to unforetold heights. With incredible ground clearance, beefy tires, and myriad comfort features within the model, even the most rugged adventurers will be grateful for the copious luxuries found throughout the vehicle. The areas of Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, and beyond are ripe for adventuring, and this exciting new truck promises to help drivers capitalize on these offerings.

To learn more about this forthcoming model, come and see us at the Southern Auto Group. We’ll set you up with the perfect vehicle for your future, arrange a test drive, and ensure an effortless transition into ownership. In no time you'll be adventuring in complete comfort thanks to your new GMC pickup truck.
Source: Southern Blog