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September 25th, 2015 by

When many of us were young, there existed within ourselves a healthy fear of the potential for monsters. It's a normal part of childhood and our ancestors often had to deal with very real predators, so it seems normal for many to believe that there could potentially be danger around the corner. But since the world in which we live is fresh out of mythical beasts which terrify us, we find ourselves redefining the term monster. In the automotive world, it is best applied to the high-performance vehicles of the Dodge lineup, vehicles like the Dodge Challenger, Charger, or Viper.

This is the idea at work in the latest ad from Dodge, which features these three impressive models and uses one of the best songs ever.

Capable of up to 707-horsepower, the new Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcat models are some of the most powerful vehicles in the auto industry. The Dodge Viper is no slouch either, as it hits a top track speed of 206 miles per hour. Some may find these levels of power frightening, so it is apt to describe these vehicles as monsters, and we are incredibly grateful that these monsters are not mere figments of our imagination.

To learn more about the advantages of the new Dodge lineup, from these high-powered vehicles to the rest of the model lineup, take a look through our available listings and pre-buy research, then come and see the teams of the Southern Auto Group to find the perfect vehicle for your future. Whether it is a new Dodge or something else entirely, our extensive array of new models will easily satisfy your demands. With the advantages of our lifetime benefits program, you'll be ready to take on the automotive adventures of your future with style, grace, and unparalleled power.
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