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Get Into an Automotive Monster with the Southern Auto Group

When many of us were young, there existed within ourselves a healthy fear of the potential for monsters. It's a normal part of childhood and our ancestors often had to deal with very real predators, so it seems normal for many to believe that there could potentially be danger around the corner. But since the world in which we live is fresh out of mythical beasts which terrify us, we find ourselves redefining the term monster. In the automotive world, it is best applied to the high-performance vehicles of the Dodge lineup, vehicles like the Dodge Challenger, Charger, or…

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Take Tailgating to New Levels in a RAM 1500

With the second weekend of the 2015 season of the National Football League now complete, fans can look back on the competitions that we were able to enjoy and look forward to next week, and renewed opportunities for tailgating and other football-related activities. The right vehicle makes tailgating even more enjoyable and perhaps the best vehicle for the job is now the RAM 1500. Offering immense cargo capacity and impressive passenger space, along with many convenience features and options, the RAM 1500 is the best truck for tailgating.

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Get Outfitted for Adventure with the Southern Auto Group

When it comes to outdoor adventuring, no brand of vehicle is as ready to perform as the vehicles of the Jeep lineup. At once rugged and comfortable, the Jeep brand has developed a rock-solid legacy for its impressive capability and unrivaled versatility. The newest addition to the Jeep lineup is the Jeep Renegade and it possesses the skills of its forbears along with an unprecedented style. For someone like Kai Lenny, it is the perfect vehicle.

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Find the Performance Vehicle of Your Future

When it comes to automotive enjoyment, few things are as enjoyable as a powerful vehicle on an open road. The Dodge brand knows this and the Southern Auto Group is proud to offer these performance models along with many others throughout our various locations. Recently, Dodge hosted the 2015 Roadkill Nights, an event solely dedicated to automotive performance, power, and the thrills found therein.

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See More on the Lincoln Continental Concept

When Lincoln first unveiled the Lincoln Continental Concept, fans and auto enthusiasts all over the world were immediately excited at the return of the icon. The distinct beauty in the concept is on full display. With elegant lines and a design language that brings international appeal, the new Lincoln Continental Concept looks to be one of the most exciting concepts in recent memory.

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Experience True Luxury at the Southern Auto Group

Here in the Hampton Roads area, drivers love to hit the roads in style, complete with all the comforts and luxuries of the cutting-edge vehicles. Here at the Southern Auto Group, it is our goal to deliver drivers in the Virginia Beach area the ideal vehicles, complete with all of the additional features they desire. One such vehicle, is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. An iconic SUV if ever there was one, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has established itself as the foremost luxury SUV with a seamless blend of impeccable performance and unmatched luxurious offerings.

Check out the following video for…

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Buying Verses Leasing

Buying a new vehicle is the second biggest purchase a person will make in their life. A decision of that magnitude requires a great deal of research to find which make, model, and of course, budget best suits their needs. The main question people are asking themselves when looking for their next vehicle is whether they should buy or lease. When deciding which option is best, there are a few components to consider:

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